On this page you can find some of my project I’m working with on my spare time. And also some old abandon projects.

DiveBuddy Planner
Is decompression planning application for windows phone 7. The algorithm used is based on Buhlmann ZHL16A, ZHL16B and ZH 17B with m-value gradient conservatism. Both air, nitrox and trimix diving is supported.

Scrumy is Visual Studio plugin. The current functionality cover printing TFS item to be used on a scrum progress board or kanban board.


3 Responses to “Projects”
  1. Omar says:

    How can i get in touch with you? regarding development of dive software.

    Hejsa peter. Jeg kunne godt tænke mig at komme i dialog vedr. et samarbejde omkring udvikling af noget software til iphone. jeg har pt. nogle udviklere men vi falder på algorithmen. (Jeg har købt licens til RGBM) og håber du stadigvæk er glad for dykning på hobby basis 🙂

    Nu har du min mail og ønsker du at se mere af vores arbejde eks prototypen af elektronikken, software eller computerkassen. Så smid mig en mail.


  2. Hans says:

    Hi Peter,
    I tried your approach to use your Firewall approach with the use of hnetcfg.dll. This looks promising to me as it seems to be a more reliable way than using netsh.
    As I’m not that deep into VB.Net, I have problems to define the “protocol” as defined as NET_FW_IP_PROTOCOL_ !?
    If you could get me a hint of how to find the definition for that I would highly appreciate that!
    Best Regards

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