About the blog

My name is Peter Wibeck and I’m a Senior Software Develope Team Lead at TrackMan with 10+ years experience, that burns for quality and interesting challenges to solve. Taking pride in that my code is well engineered at the right place in the stack and is covered by quality unit/integration tests. I’m a dedicated person that work hard to make my team archive the goals both as a leader and team member. Enjoying the whole process of taking a problem/idea from the customer to delivering the solution.

Every post on this blog is given as is and is only my opinion. But I’m also a happy hobby developer. My intention with this blog is to share problems and solutions to interesting things that I encounter in my life:)

The goal is to give you ideas how to solve similar problem as I have been trapped in. And as we all know, the thing that keep you productive and on top is not to invent the wheel over and over again. Use what other people have done or learned and do it better.

The information in my posts and any code in the blog can be used by anyone without any guaranty it’s correct. Use the information and code as guidelines and not complete and working solutions. Never use it without verifying the correctness.

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